STOP!!! What’s Going Wrong With the Gay Debate Today

I apologize for the rant, but I cannot help myself – I am tired of being torn between extreme Christians and extreme gay people,  seeing my friends at each-others’ throats, and seeing yet another gay teen suicide that is ignored in the process because of all the hateful words. THIS MUST STOP!!

The only way we are going to make progress and start actually HELPING people is to calm down and have a more civilized debate. No name calling, no assumptions. Just the facts and your perspective on them. Stripping away all the hateful jargon and accusations and getting to the root of the matter: you disagree. So as a gay Christian myself, I will address first the Christians and my fellow gay brothers. Hopefully this will be able to help at least one reader: Continue reading


Leviticus and Homosexuality

So here it finally is, first the facts and then the theories of the Leviticus passages concerning homosexuality. If you missed my explanation of Sodom and Gomorrah,  you can find it here. I do apologize for the delay, but life seems to have its way of keeping me distracted…


Fact 1 // “Want a Snow-Cone?” – How abominable?

The word abomination has mostly fallen out of use in the English language, except for the occasional demon-hunter/exorcist movie. This is the only context we usually hear this word outside of this debate, and it throws us off quite a bit, because contrary to some Christians’ beliefs, homosexuality is not caused by demons. Continue reading

Guest Post – Damning People to Hell

My boyfriend wanted to chime in on some of the comments on my Xanga blog, and I think he has a very good point that should be taken very seriously by all Christians with any opinion on gay rights. I am still trying to condense my thoughts on the Bible passages themselves and will post soon… It might be 2 posts 🙂 Anyways, here’s his post:

And what if my eternity is not based on what I do, but because of God’s mercy on the cross? What THEN?

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Seems to be a perfect song for the whole debate on whether it’s right to be gay

“Everyone’s right and no one is sorry
That’s the start and the end of this story.”



“The lights in the city are more or less blinking
Which side of the story decides what you’re thinking.”

I’ve been more than willing to consider your side of things. Maybe now you put yourself in my shoes instead of condemning. Thanks.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food (Chick-fil-A Crisis)

As a gay Christian, I find myself smack dab in the middle of this Chick-fil-A debate and it will drive me insane pretty soon cause I feel attacked by both sides. I find myself asking so often Why can’t we all just get along? So here’s my attempt. I will deal with conservative Christians first and then direct my thoughts to gay rights activists. Just some tips to help you have a HEALTHY DEBATE that focuses on logic and truth rather than a shouting match that doesn’t help anybody.

Did this guy start the whole thing?

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Why Hello There!

So it’s been a while, yes. But for good reason!

Since we last talked I have moved out of my parents’ place, been working fulltime, organized a large concert for my praise band (and now a full month of mini outreach concerts in the community), am trying desperately to learn how to cook, and accepted an offer to be a boyfriend! 😀 Life really couldn’t be better!

Aaaaannnddd….on another note, I am working on expanding this blog to tumblr and wordpress. Some conversations have led me to believe that this blog would be a lot more helpful if the general population can subscribe by email to it. I will continue to post to xanga, don’t worry! 🙂

So in order to get back in the swing of things I will try posting a couple days a week to get used to blogging again. Start small, huh?

I will most likely be dealing with articles that I’ve run across in recent months about gay or gay Christian issues. Happy times!

Glad to see you all again and I hope you are still strong in your faith!